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At Bay Area Asbestos Removal, we’re a local asbestos removal company with years of experience in removing hazardous materials from homes.  We provide the Fremont area with all of the services they need to make their homes a safer place to be.  Whether a home needs asbestos removal in the Bay Area, or lead removal - we banish these substances from the home and properly dispose of them in accordance with local regulations.  We also provide home mold removal, doing the necessary testing before and after, to ensure its eradication.  Our experts are here to help make your property a safer place.

Asbestos Removal in the Bay Area
When clients are looking for a trustworthy company for asbestos removal in the Bay Area, they need look no further than Bay Area Asbestos Removal.  Asbestos is a material that was previously used in home construction, but has since been discovered to be potentially hazardous to your health.  With our asbestos abatement for the Fremont area, our licensed professionals provide clients with the expert removal they need to create a safer home environment.   Whether we’re removing an asbestos ceiling or clearing asbestos from other areas of the home, our experts make Fremont homes a safer living environment for its residents.

Lead Abatement
As a premier lead paint removal company in Fremont, our team at Bay Area Asbestos Removal is here to get homes clean and clear of lead paint, and lead in general.  Lead paint was commonly used prior to the 1950s as a paint additive, but has since been found to be dangerous for those in its proximity.  While intact lead paint can be safe while undisturbed, once it begins to chip or deteriorate with age, it’s extremely important to get it removed from the home to ensure the safety of inhabitants.  With our certified lead removal team on the job, we safely eliminate and dispose of this material from homes in Fremont.

Home Mold Removal
As a local Fremont mold removal company, we understand how our warm and damp winters can be conducive to mold growth.  That’s why our experts are here to help our neighbors address this problem with our professional home mold removal.  We provide mold inspections in San Francisco and Fremont, targeting the root of the problem.  Our removal process includes the use of high quality industrial strength biocides that eliminate mold and prevent it from coming back.  Clients love our services because not only do we get rid of the invasion, but we advise on the necessary steps to block its return.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal
For homes needing to remove a popcorn ceiling in Fremont, our experts are the team that gets the job done right.  Popcorn ceiling are often viewed as a dated aesthetic, and have the added risk of being an asbestos ceiling, as these installations were often done in the asbestos heyday. With our popcorn ceiling removal services, we test ceilings for potentially harmful substances, and take the steps required to safely remove it whether it involves asbestos abatement, or a careful removal of the textured surface.  Our professional company ensures a safe and clean process, ensuring the room is returned asbestos free and throughly cleared of construction debris.