home asbestos removal in progress

Having potentially dangerous substances within the home can be hazardous to your health, even if the materials are not currently posing an active risk.  At Bay Area Asbestos Removal, we serve the greater San Francisco area and our neighbors in Milpitas with the comprehensive services to get rid of asbestos, mold and lead in their homes.  We’re here to make your home environment a safer and more pleasant place to be, with our certified professionals taking care of harmful substances, safely removing and disposing of them.  We work quickly and efficiently to create a healthier home environment for our clients.

Asbestos Abatement
Within the state of California, asbestos abatement is a highly regulated process that needs to be performed by licensed and certified officials.  In using our professional team, clients know that their asbestos removal process is in compliance with all local statues, from the safety of the workers and the home, to its correct disposal post treatment.  During asbestos remediation, our experts work to thoroughly remove all traces of the hazardous material, protecting the home and its inhabitants from damage and cross contamination during our work.  Our Milpitas clients know they can trust Bay Area Asbestos Removal to get their homes asbestos free.

Lead Paint Removal
Similar to asbestos removal services, lead abatement is highly regulated within Milpitas and the Bay Area.  Lead was frequently incorporated into paint prior to realizing its harmful properties, and is sometimes still present in modern day homes.  Because lead paint can be harmless when undamaged, some homeowners put off its removal until necessary.  At our lead paint removal company, we emphasize the importance of getting this dangerous chemical out of the home as soon as possible.  Not only does it create potential health risks, but residents may not even realize when damages have occurred.  With our professional lead removal and construction lead services, we safely eradicate lead, preventing it from creating an unhealthy home.

Mold Removal
For mold removal in San Jose and Milpitas, our team of experts know how to tackle this home project from start to finish.  With Milpitas experiencing warm and damp winters, mold growth becomes a common problem, but one that’s easily eliminated with the help of our experts.  During the removal service, our trained technicians use high quality mold removal products,  thoroughly eliminating all traces of mold.  We perform professional mold inspections post-treatment to ensure it has been fully eradicated.  Knowing that mold can be a reoccurring home pest, we also advise clients on the steps they can take, or repairs they can make that will get rid of the instigating cause.

Popcorn Ceilings
While popcorn ceilings were once a popular design element, many homeowners are now looking to get rid of it for a modern look.  In addition to being hard to clean and maintain, popcorn ceilings were installed during times when asbestos and lead paint were popular, making them a potential health hazard.  With our professionals taking care of a popcorn ceiling, we test for, and safely remove any harmful substances, and provide a removal process that is cleaner and simpler than attempting to do it yourself.  Our experts guarantee fast and reliable service that prevents damages to the ceiling, and removes asbestos and lead in compliance with Milpitas safety laws.