Mold Removal

mold removal technician during work

If persistent mold is appearing in your home, it’s important to have your mold issues addressed by a professional mold removal company.  At Bay Area Asbestos Removal, we provide mold inspections in San Francisco, inspecting the premises for the presence of harmful mold and taking the steps necessary to remove it permanently.  We eliminate the dangers of mold from the premises whether it’s causing a mold reaction or challenging the integrity of a home’s structure.  Our professional team ensures a safe removal process using high quality products and materials, protecting the home and addressing the root cause to prevent its reappearance.


While mold may seem like an unavoidable home invader, the presence of mold has many implications for the household.  Mold likes to grow in area warm damp areas, which makes it particularly prevalent during our rainy winters.  A small appearance can quickly become a larger problem as mold rapidly multiplies, building up in areas throughout a home. Sometimes mold may not be visible, but is recognizable by a musty smell coming from vents, bathrooms or other damp areas.  During our mold removals we not only get rid of the mold that’s present, but address the cause of the issue, recommending necessary repairs to keep it away.

Though mold may seem unsightly and unpleasant but harmless, it’s important not to ignore a mold problem within the home.  Mold rapidly expands in warm and moist areas, and can quickly take over a space.  This buildup makes the room a dangerous environment that’s potentially hazardous on a number of levels.  Inhaling mold spores is dangerous for general health, and can cause a number of mold reactions from allergies, to skin and other bodily membrane irritations.  In addition, the appearance of mold can begin to deteriorate home structures as well as being indicative of other potential problems within the home’s construction.

With our professional home mold removal we take every precaution to protect the safety of a home and the people in it.  We get to the root of the problem, addressing hard to reach areas to make sure the mold is thoroughly eliminated.  As part of the process we use high quality cleaning products including biocides and mold and mildew resistant coatings.  We use HEPA vacuums to get rid of any remaining residue and airborne spores, ensuring the space is safe for public use.  To finish, we dehumidify the necessary areas and alert clients to the source of the problem, advising on the steps needed to prevent the molds reappearance.

Our Services
Finding the right professional mold removal company is important when it comes to eliminating this invasive substance within a home.  With expert our mold inspections and removal, clients are confident that their homes have been fully treated to create a safer environment.  We are state certified for safe mold removal, using high quality professional grade products that saves clients time and money in undertaking the process themselves.  Following our mold removal services, we test the area, guaranteeing that the mold has been eradicated.  We also recommend the necessary steps to prevent future mold growth, whether it’s simple home maintenance, or calling another contractor to address leaky fixtures.