About Us

home asbestos removal in process

As a local Bay Area asbestos removal service, our company is here to provide the entire San Francisco Bay Area with the expertise it needs to safely remove asbestos and other harmful materials from a home.  At Bay Area Asbestos Removal we have years of experience removing asbestos and lead from homes, getting these extremely hazardous materials out of your home and safely disposed of.  These substances can be located in a variety of places, from lead paint and asbestos ridden popcorn ceilings to plumbing and heating ducts that have these materials incorporated into their construction.  We provide the removal of mold and mold inspection in San Francisco, ensuring our damp winters don’t make your home environment potentially dangerous.  If there are hazardous materials in your residence, our contractors can help make it a safer place to be.

In working with our asbestos removal company, you can be confident that your home will be handled with care, and the dangerous materials will be safely removed and disposed of.  We are a fully licensed for asbestos removal in the state of California, meaning your hazardous waste will be handled in accordance with all local laws and regulations.  Our friendly and professional technicians ensure that the job is done correctly, whether it's getting rid of an asbestos ceiling or performing home mold removal.  During our hazardous material abatement, we use high quality equipment and materials, making sure the substance in question is thoroughly eliminated.  We offer a comprehensive list of services, and high quality work, all at the affordable prices you need to keep your home safe and secure.