Asbestos Removal

danger sign asbestos removal in progress

If you’re looking for asbestos removal in San Jose, or within the Bay Area, our asbestos removal company is the right team for the job.  When asbestos is discovered within a building, it’s legally required for it to be removed by certified, licensed asbestos removal professionals.  Our asbestos removal services are licensed and insured in the state of California, ensuring your home will experience a quality job.  We thoroughly eliminate the hazardous material, getting rid of the dangers of living in a home that’s victim to the presence of asbestos.  Through our process, we protect the home from contamination, fully cleaning and disinfecting it before clearing you to reenter the space.

At one time, when its heat resistant properties were realized, asbestos was considered to be a miracle material that was used throughout the construction of a home.  Before it was recognized as a health hazard in the 1980s, it was ubiquitously used in everything from fire and sound proofing, to home siding, roofing, pipes, ceilings and heating and air conditioning ducts.  However, since the revelation of the hazards of this material, it has ceased to be used in modern home constructions and needs to be removed from existing locations.  While when undisturbed it poses fewer health risks, the removal of asbestos needs to be performed by licensed professionals.

The dangers associated with inhaling even small particles of asbestos are highly detrimental to one’s health.  It highly increases the likelihood of lung disease, which is why homes with asbestos present are strongly advised to remove it as soon as possible.  While undisturbed there are somewhat less risks, as the material starts to age and deteriorate, fragments of the asbestos can be released into the air.  Simultaneously, during home repairs bits of the material may be untethered, creating an unsound environment.  Because of these risks, those living in older buildings should contact a professional team to inspect it for the presence of asbestos.

During our asbestos removal, our certified team ensures the health and safety of our workers and the general home environment.  We take the time and precautions necessary to comply with our high standards of security, including disabling vents that may disperse particles, as well as protecting surfaces of the home from damages and collecting dust.  Where applicable, we post the necessary signage to advise of the potentially harmful work occurring, ensure the safety of those in proximity to the site.  We finish our removals with HEPA vacuuming to remove any last particles, and properly dispose of waste materials in compliance with health and safety standards.

Our Service
When clients discover asbestos, whether it’s an asbestos ceiling or in other areas of the household, it’s important to know that asbestos is legally required to be removed by a certified asbestos removal service.  There are strict abatement laws governing the safety of the workers, as well as those in proximity to the site.  Our company is fully licensed to perform asbestos removal, guaranteeing the safe elimination of the material as well as the compliant disposal of the waste.  We make sure those in contact with the substance are properly protected from the hazard, and that areas are thoroughly cleaned and asbestos free before returning the property to the homeowner.