Popcorn Ceiling

technician doing popcorn ceiling removal

Popcorn ceilings that were once a popular design element have quickly fallen out of fashion in modern homes.  With our popcorn ceiling removal at Bay Area Asbestos Removal, we address all the issues of an outdated popcorn ceiling from the aesthetic reasons to the dangers of older ceilings containing traces of asbestos and lead paint.  The removal process for these ceilings is a tricky and messy endeavor, which is why it’s best to leave it to our team of professionals.  We make sure the removal process is clean, taking the necessary steps to protect the home, as well as ensuring a safe expulsion when the presence of asbestos is involved.

Popcorn Ceilings
Installing a popcorn ceiling was a one time trend that created a textured ceiling as opposed to more traditional constructions.  However, this flawed design started falling out of fashion as people realized how hard it was to clean an elevated rough surface, watching as it collected dust and cobwebs.  Additionally, ceiling repairs became increasingly difficult matching the exact pattern could be a challenge.  The biggest problem with this design is that popcorn ceilings were installed in time periods where asbestos and lead paint were popular home construction materials.  Accordingly, many clients now look to our professionals to get rid of their popcorn ceilings for both design and safety reasons.

Why Remove
While popcorn ceilings were once thought of as a way to add another level of texture to a room, they have quickly fallen out of style - and we are here to assist in the removal of this dated design.  In removing a popcorn ceiling, a house acquires a more modern look and becomes easier to clean without needing to detail a ceiling with infinite number of hard to reach crevices. Moreover, popcorn ceilings need to be examined, as their peak popularity was during times when asbestos and lead paint were commonly used.  Because of this timeline, most popcorn ceilings contain one or both of these hazardous materials.

When we undertake a popcorn ceiling removal, our professionals make sure a home is treated with the utmost care throughout the process.  These ceilings may contain hazardous materials like asbestos and lead, meaning we test for the presence of these substances to ensure the safety the crew and the home.  Once we have assessed the needs for the removal, we prepare the space for the mess of replacing a popcorn ceiling.  We use the appropriate protective barriers for furniture and fixtures, as well as sealing off vents to prevent cross contamination.  At completion, clients are left with a smooth overhead surface, and a clean space that’s been treated by our professional team.

Our Services
While some homeowners may consider removing popcorn ceiling themselves, there are a number of reasons it’s better to involve a team of professionals.  Most importantly, if there is lead or asbestos present in the ceiling, those substances are legally required to be removed by certified experts.  By using our professionals, hazardous popcorn ceilings are safely removed without creating health risks.  Even if lead and asbestos are not in the construction, removing a popcorn ceiling is a challenging project that has the potential to cause damages to the ceiling. We provide a fast and efficient removal process, that doesn’t damage the ceiling underneath, and leaves the room spotless upon our departure.