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Asbestos Abatement

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Having a home that’s plagued by the latent presence of asbestos and lead can be a headache to deal with. With our comprehensive services at Bay Area Asbestos Removal, our team is here to remove hazardous materials from the home, making your residence a safe and healthy place to be.

Unwelcome construction materials like asbestos and lead are dangerous to the health of those on the property, and under local laws, they need to be removed by certified professionals.  We also provide mold removal in San Jose and the Bay Area, all contributing to a stress free, and healthier home setting.

About Us
As a local asbestos removal company, we’re here to support you in asbestos abatement and the removal of unhealthy materials from your home.  We provide licensed and certified asbestos remediation, in addition to lead removal and treatments for invasive mold.  Our technicians are California State certified to safely remove these dangerous substances, providing friendly and professional service throughout the process.  At Bay Area Asbestos Removal, we use high quality products and equipment, including HEPA vacuuming, ensuring all debris is removed before returning the property to use.  With our company, clients receive reliable and efficient work that ensures the safety of the home.


    Our Services

    At Bay Area Asbestos Removal, our team provides all the support a homeowner needs to get their properties in Fremont and Milpitas clear of harmful substances, creating a safer lifestyle.  We provide asbestos removal for San Jose and the Bay Area, with careful attention to the safety of the workspace and those in its proximity.  With our lead paint removal, traces of lead found in old paint or other home surfaces are identified and targeted to be taken out.  Our company also performs home mold removal that eliminates this potentially harmful intruder.  Additionally, we remove popcorn ceilings for both aesthetic reasons, and their potential to contain an asbestos ceiling.

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    Asbestos Removal

    Getting rid of asbestos in the home, is an important part of maintaining the health of a family and the general home environment.  With our professional asbestos removal in the Bay Area, homes undergo a custom tailored asbestos removal process that best fits the needs of the individual space.  We make sure the dangerous substance is carefully removed and disposed of in accordance with local laws, offering asbestos removal costs that are competitive and affordable.

    Lead Removal

    As a leading lead paint removal company in the Bay Area, we have years of experience safely removing this dangerous element from the home environment.  During our lead abatement process, our professionals take the necessary precautions to prevent cross contamination throughout the home, sealing off vents and protecting fixtures.  In our construction lead services, we work with other contractors to coordinate the safe removal of lead paint, and upon completion, we test for any remnants, ensuring a safe home.

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    Mold Removal

    The appearance of mold in the household is a dangerous intrusion that has implications for general health, and may cause physical mold reactions.  Our mold removal company takes care of problems from start to finish, creating a safer environment.  We analyze the premises, assessing growth and targeting the root of the issue.  Whether it’s mold inspections in San Francisco, dehumidifying the space or advising on future prevention, our thorough services makes sure mold is permanently eliminated from the home.

    Popcorn Ceiling

    While popcorn ceiling were once a common design, because of their propensity for containing asbestos and lead paint, arranging their removal is now a common practice.  When these harmful substances are found within a ceiling, legally, their removal needs to be completed by a licensed lead and asbestos removal company like Bay Area Asbestos removal.  Aside from their safety concerns, many people prefer to have popcorn ceilings removed to simplify cleaning and modernize the look of a room.

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    As a local company that removes harmful materials from households, we’re happy to provide our neighbors in Fremont with quality asbestos removal services.  We also remove other dangerous materials, including mold and lead. Our company provides popcorn ceiling removal, whether it’s because of asbestos ceilings, or simply for improved design aesthetics.  For older Fremont homes that need an assessment for asbestos, lead or mold, our team is here to provide the services necessary to create a safer and healthier environment.


    When homeowners in Milpitas need hazardous materials handled in their homes from lead removal to mold inspections, Bay Area Asbestos Removal is the name they can trust.  We provide a comprehensive list of services including asbestos abatement and removing popcorn ceilings that make a home a happier and healthier place.  Our asbestos removal costs, and the costs of all of our safety services are affordable to all budgets.  The health of our clients is our priority, and why we provide our services to keep customers safe.

    My wife and I just moved into a classic home and had some concerns about the popcorn ceiling.  We called Bay Area Asbestos Removal to have them inspect it and found out that it contained lead paint!  They were able to quickly get rid of the unsound ceiling, getting the job done and returning our home fully cleaned after the process.  Great service, would highly recommend them!” – Greg A

    “I had been putting off the asbestos removal in my home for ages, when my sister recommended Bay Area Asbestos Removal.   Their asbestos removal costs were completely reasonable, and more importantly they got the job done in no time.  I’m glad I gave them a call and finally made my home safe for my family and friends to visit unworried.” – Jocelyn K

    “Last winter I when started to notice mold buildup in my kitchen I gave Bay Area Asbestos Removal a call to take care of the situation.  Their service was highly professional, got rid of my mold and more importantly alerted me to the fact that I had a plumbing leak that was creating the moisture.  I’ve since taken their advice, and the problem hasn’t returned.  Great company to work with, I will definitely use them again in the future.” – Steve R

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    If you know or suspect there are hazardous materials that have been used in the construction of your home, give Bay Area Asbestos Removal a call to set up an appointment.  Our experts provide the inspections and testing you need to confirm or refute the possibility of having asbestos, lead or mold in your home - and we take the necessary actions to clean up the property.  We provide fast and friendly service, making our company highly recommended among clients.  Our representatives are here to answer any questions you may have, including setting up a consultation or getting an over the phone estimate.