Lead Removal

lead removal technicians walking talking

If you suspect you have potentially harmful lead located in your home it’s important to get it tested as soon as possible to avoid future health risks.  With our lead paint removal company, we target this extremely hazardous material and make sure it’s thoroughly and safely removed from the premises.  Lead abatement is strictly governed within the state of California, and we have all the licenses and certifications required to assist you with lead paint removal.  Our process ensures that any traces of the dangerous substance will be safely removed and disposed of, leaving the property protected and lead free.

For homes that were built prior to the 1950s lead was a commonly used construction material throughout the home.  Lead was used to increase the durability of paint and make it resistant to moisture.  As it was discovered to be harmful, particularly to children and pregnant woman, it was no longer used, however, remnants may still exist in older buildings.  In older homes where there are suspicions that lead paint may still be present, it’s important to test the paint, and avoid chipping to ensure the health and safety of the environment.  Our experts support our clients with all of their lead paint removal needs from testing to its safe removal.

During lead abatements, our company takes all the necessary steps to protect those coming in contact with the site and the property on which we’re working.  Employing certified lead removal experts, we make sure to thoroughly seal off the area being worked on to prevent the spread of lead through the home.  It’s important to get lead removed safely and properly disposed of as lead can affect both the plumbing and ground water, causing serious health risks to those on the property.  We seal all vents to prevent dust from traveling into other areas of the home to keep it safe.

Construction Lead Services
When an older home is being worked on, if there is the possibility of lead on the property, it should be a serious concern for the construction crew.  Because of the potential for health hazards and contamination if lead is present, suspicions need to be addressed immediately as a safety precaution.  With our construction lead services, we come on site to test for the presence of the element, advising on the best ways to remove it without creating extra dangers.  We work with construction and remodeling contractors to make sure the home is protected, not only removing lead from the home, but protecting workers as well.

Our Services
As a licensed and certified lead paint removal company, we make sure our client’s lead abatement is handled in compliance with local statues.  When clients have suspicions an old home may contain lead paint, we test to confirm assumptions and devise a plan of action for removal. We prioritize the safety of workers and those entering the site, ensuring all exposure to the substance is fully protected.  Our lead specialists safely remove and dispose of lead in the home, ensuring a full clean up after the process, leaving the home in good condition.  We also collaborate with contractors performing construction to schedule lead removal that ensures the safety of the site.